Customer Experience Data

View the network from the customers perspective. Internet speed tests, ping tests RF data and more. Our dashboard gives your tema members ccess to realtime and historical customer experience data.

Troubleshooting Tools

Our sensor mesh has several built in tools for troubleshooting and narrowing down WIFI issues. latency, speed tests, site survey, channel use and hidden SSID detection. These are just a few of the tools available at your fingertips.

Analytics and Data

The sensor portal provides you with tons of graphs, charts and statistics. Full color graphs and charts with drill down capabilities can uncover hidden anomaly’s and help support SLAs and charge backs. Prove that your network is performing and put unfounded complaints to rest.  

No Touch Installation

CrossLayer’s NETASSURE probes use WiFi for management. Simply configure, set, and forget. All management and operations tasks can be completed via a web browser. Security and feature updates are auto managed.

 Real-time and Historical Data.

Secure Online Dashboard

Provide users access to data. Create groups to organize yourAssurance Network  according to organizational boundaries. Choose between dashboards designed for technical and non-technical user according to role scope or responsibility for an unlimited amount of configurations.

RF Scanning Capabilities

CrossLayer’s NETASSURE probes can provide detailed data on the air around. Site Surveys, Channel Use, Hidden SSIDs and Rouge Networks are just a few of the RF capabilities at your fingertips. Dont leave your WIFI network vulnerable to the changing RF environment get pro-active with WIFI Assurance.

Monitor Any Size Network

Easily monitor networks sized from several APs in a single location to thousands of APs located across the country or the globe. Data is securely sent to cloud in real time to power analytics and dashboards generating a 360 degree 24/7 view of your network from the customers perspective.

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